Relevant Work Experience


Videography and Post Production Intern - La Pietra Dialogues, NYU Florence

Coordinates with faculty to develop video projects relating to the season’s lecture series “Picturing Women: Constructions of Gender in the Acton Collection and Contemporary Society”.

Video Team Member - Alumni Relations Office, NYU

Operated on a team of students who created video content for the alumni relations department. Videos were posted on the website, social media, or sent directly to alumni. We were responsible for all aspects of video pre-production, production, and post-production.

Video Instructor/Bunk Counselor - Island Lake Camp

Taught video production from concept creation through editing to children ages 7-16. Produced weekly videos for the camp website as well as filmed and edited all camp shows and events. Was also a bunk counselor for 12 year olds.  

Intern - Nine Stories Productions

Read scripts and wrote coverage. Researched relevant talent and work. Answered phones and greeted guests in addition to normal office duties. 

Intern - Martian Entertainment

Worked closely with producers and company manager on the administrative side of A Clockwork Orange as well as assisting with other paperwork, organization and research.

On set experience



"The Talkback"                                                             Writer/Director

"The Reaper"                                                                 Writer/Director

"Bucket List"                                                                  Writer/Director

"Literary Magic"                                                            Writer/Director

"Practice Makes Perfect"                                          Writer/Director

"Here and Gone Again"                                              Writer/Director

"New Shoes"                                                                  Writer/Director

"Sister Sister"                                                                               Director

"The Next Generation"                                              Writer/Director

"The Return"                                                                  Writer/Director

"I'm Not a Stalker"                                                       Writer/Director

"Pressure"                                                                       Writer/Director

"The Choice"                                                                  Writer/Director

"The Killers"                                                                                 Director


Cinematography/Assistant Camera

"There's Waldo"                                                      Cinematographer

"Curiosity Killed"                                                    Assistant Camera

"Hard Pill to Swallow"                                          Assistant Camera

"Untitled"                                                                   Assistant Camera

"Cuddling with Death"                                         Cinematographer

"The Other Woman"                                              Assistant Camera

"Medicine"                                                                 Assistant Camera

"Greener Grass"                                                      Cinematographer



"Heartstrings"                                                                           Producer

"The Ginger"                                                              Script Supervisor

"Presumption"                                                                               Stunts

"The Interned: Eidolons in "The Prophecy" Set Photography

"Father and Son"                                                      Set Photography

"The Bitch is Back"                                          Production Assistant

Community & school involvement

Teaching English


Taught English to a class of third graders at an elementary school in Florence, Italy.

Tours of Catedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore


In partnership with Arse et Fides gave free tours of the cathedral at The Duomo in Florence, Italy.

TV-10 Student TV station


Participated in all aspects of a student television station - from producing to filming to reporting.

Volunteer Videographer


At Hope Lutheran church volunteered to help put video content together for youth events and special services.

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